New Orleans Crawfish Catering

Mr Mudbug caters any event of any size – from the party you’ve always dreamed of, to your backyard crawfish boil or corporate luncheon. Our delicious cuisine, friendly service, ability to cater to your needs and willingness to travel are the reasons that customers can’t stop raving about us.

Mr. Mudbug was formed in 1986 with a creative mind, a small rig and a boiling pot. Back then, the owner’s “make-it-happen-attitude” opened up a whole new meaning to the words “on-site catering.” With creative pioneering and marketing, the company was established based on customer satisfaction and exceptional food quality. It became a craze in New Orleans to have someone come to your location dressed like a professional Cajun cook and boil delicious crawfish. The company went from catering 4 events to 20 events in the first year.

In addition to catering in New Orleans, the staff dressed in red jumpsuits wearing white shrimp boots traveled to different states servicing customers our city’s traditional Cajun-style seafood boils. From corporations in New York and California, to President Clinton at the White House and the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa, Canada, this company developed into a popular trend of approximately 500 parties each year. More than just a crawfish caterer, Mr. Mudbug developed into a reputable company known throughout the country for catering a variety of functions…Seafood Boils, Fish Frys, Pastas, Sushi, Steak and Lobster for Bat Mitzvahs, Engagement/ Birthday parties, Weddings, large Corporate events… and the list goes on…

Today, Alicia Maenza owns and operates Mr. Mudbug Catering, LLC. She continues the company’s tradition of successfully maintaining complete customer satisfaction as well as exceptional food quality by utilizing the creativity, knowledge, professionalism and experience of many accomplishments that have been demonstrated throughout this company since 1986.

Mardi Gras, Holidays, Corporate Events, Weddings; the different events that Mr. Mudbug can cater is limited only by your imagination. We have served 4,000 in the White House and 6,000 at the U.S. embassy in Canada-everything from crawfish boils in California and New York to dinners at the Hughston’s Sports Society and Callaway Gardens. So rest assured, whatever it is you have in mind, we can handle it…Backyard boils, breakfasts and brunches also.

When planning your next event, put your mind at ease. In addition to preparing the food for your catered event, Mr. Mudbug can assist in providing tents, tables, linens, chairs, fans, special decor, floral, moving buffet tables or any rental item(s) necessary to make your event successful.

You don’t have to come to New Orleans to enjoy Mr. Mudbug’s incredible cuisine. Over the years, Mr. Mudbug has traveled to Cape Hatteras, Rhode Island, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Canada and further. We can ship cooked or live crawfish with all of the seasonings, crawfish etouffée, jambalaya, red beans and creole pasta-whatever you need, anywhere in the U.S., overnight!

In November of 1999, Michael (Mr. Mudbug, himself) was asked to fly to Washington, D.C. to cook on the grounds of the White House. President Clinton enjoyed his BBQ Shrimp so much that he asked him to prepare a second helping in the kitchen of the White House for him alone. Michael was also invited to prepare meals at the U.S. embassy in Canada where he and his crew prepared and served fried tuna, blackened tuna, boiled shrimp and fried oysters for 6,000 guests.